About Us

Highly Fresh project built around a highly enthusiastic three young graduates in the hydroponics market. Idea of this project started when the whole world was hit by COVID Pandemic. One day when conversation started within the family, we realised how we lost our immunity compared to grandparents generations. We realised our food is completely grown by harmful pesticides and soil contamination. So we decided to carry out intensive Hydroponic farming with guidelines, to ensure that our produce is safe, free from pesticides, herbicides and contamination.

Our products are grown in a complete Climate Controlled Environment to avoid Air pollution and to avoid any uncertainties of climatic changes. Our entire produce is grown in Soilless Culture to outwit pests, weeds and pesticides in Food. We use RO purified Water to ensure zero microbial contamination for the farm also which forms an integral & significant part for growth of any leafy vegetables / fruits. We only procure high quality seeds sourced from all over the world to raise freshness, flavor and texture to Vegetables and Fruits. Our Plants are never exposed to any sort of toxic, heavy metal or harmful supplements during any stage of its life.

We are committed to the improvement of taste in green leafy vegetables and excellent quality and nutritional value with Zero pesticides. Also We aim to provide education, experience and research in the hydroponic field.

Our Objective

Our Mission

Our objective is to establish an intensive Hydroponic farm, producing high-quality nutritional produce with zero pesticides, zero herbicides and with zero contamination.​

● To produce high quality, nutritional, and flavourful vegetables with zero pesticides for consumption in the local market.
● We want to change our lives to healthy living.

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